Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair hair everywhere...and other random thoughts

Holy cow,  your hair is coming in fast! I decided I would copy a fellow cancer moms idea (thanks Amanda!) and take a picture of you each month so we can see the progress in your rapidly returning hair.
Drum roll please...
Love that smile..LOVE that kid!
I worried your gorgeous eyelashes would never be the same,
but they are back in full force, and beautiful as ever! People
pay good money for lashes like that!

Random thought #1:
I went to dinner with some of our cancer friends moms last Wed night. Part of a moms group called "Utah Moms of Cancer Fighting Cuties". It was so nice to visit with other people who have kids going through what you are. There are some farther along in treatment who can answer a lot of my questions about what to expect, and there are some who are behind us in treatment and its nice to be able to lean on each other and lend support. When the Olive Garden (where we went to dinner) found out we were all there as mothers of cancer kids they gave us free appetizers and said the whole meal was free!! They even said dessert was mandatory! I cant believe how generous people giving. I feel so blessed to live in such an amazing place, surrounded by amazing people.

Random thought #2:
The side effects of your meds this month have been so different and I really don't like it. I thought that after the 1st round of Maintenance chemo Id be able to know what to expect each round. Wrong. You are far more tired this round, and you are STILL having the night terrors, and insomnia. You still want to play, but I can see that you are easily exhausted. Plus you are VERY tender get your feelings hurt over everything. Dad had to literally peel you off my leg the other night when I went to dinner. You were so upset I was said you just wanted to be with your momma . Then the next day you were crying and upset when dad had to run an errand cause you "missed him so bad."

Random thought #3:
You have some pretty awesome sisters, and a pretty sweet brother too. Your sisters are a great distraction when you're not feeling too well, and your brother can always make you smile. I'm grateful for all my sweet kids. You all add so much to our family. I cant imagine our family without any of you. Alyssa is great to do crafts with, and paint your nails or play barbies. Carly loves to read to you and play school and Tucker lights up whenever you walk into the room. They love their Wee Mee too, and were ALL glad you're doing so well!
Cutest kids ever!


  1. Wow, that is so so neat that Olive Garden did that for you, you deserved it. Lea, you're doing so great to keep this blog going and updating it. I'm glad McKall is on the last phase, but sorry it's still pretty rough. I hope things settle down for a while once you're all through with this. Love to you all.

  2. Lea you have a truly amazing family. I love you all!!

  3. Isn't just amazing how fast the body rebounds...I just think Mckall's hair is so cute...even as short as it is she is a doll...And all the little blessings that come your way (free meal) ect...your family deserves every one of them...we love you all..I need to change my name to grandma 19 but I don't know how to...Marlene and Vernon

  4. Mckall's cheeks are so dang cute. She just melts my heart. I love the picture of all the adorable Shepherd kids. You have been greatly blessed.. So have I as the grandma

  5. I am so glad you are tracking her hair! I have loved looking back on Millie's hair growth.

    Millie is the same way McKall is after her chemo and we are about 7 months in. It's hard.

    It was great seeing you and your little man the other night! Let me know if you need anything.

  6. Her hair IS growing so fast!! I think I will also copy Amanda's hair growth pictures... its such a great idea! I cant wait to get together again soon. Hang in there. XOXOXO