Monday, February 7, 2011

Much better already...

This last couple weeks since your last treatment has been much better than already. You are sleeping through the night (hallelujah!), and you are a lot less emotional this time around. Your appetite is increased, but not excessively so its doable...all in all its been a calm couple weeks!  We love calm.

The other day you said, "Mom, come here...
Im having a round-up!" (your animals were lined
up all "around" you!)
Your hair is insane! I just cant get over how much its growing. We get LOTS of comments from people in  the ward on how quickly it grows! They are amazed at how much longer it is every time they see you in am I. Especially when I compare this months pics to the last 2 months...its huge. Your hair is longer than daddy's and Tuckers. (you are very proud of that fact) You told daddy he needs to grow his hair out if he wants to be twinners with you still....we'll see if he does.

Look at those georgous locks! You cant tell in
this picture, but your curls are coming back too!
Side've got your daddy's calic's
Speaking of calic's...Look at all that hair!
Look how pretty you are with such short hair...
not many people can pull off this look.

You were so excited when Thursday came ("finally", you said) and you got to head off to tumbling. You even begged me to bring the camera so we could get some pics of you and Coach Whitney! You had a blast, as usual, and I was so excited to see how much progress you have made in just 1 month!! You were doing back bends again, you had the strength to pull your legs up on the bar, you balanced on the beam without help, and did all your tramp tricks without falling once!! Woo Hoo! Go Wee-Mee! Im continually amazed with how resilient you never let a little thing like cancer stand in your way! Amazing!
You begged for me to bring the camera, then
you were super shy when it was time for the picture!?


  1. Her hair is growing so fast! And I would pay big money for those lashes! Gorgeous, strong girl!

  2. I left a comment yesterday! I must be losing it! Anyway, Let me paraphrase myself! I'm so happy that she's doing so well! All that hair! it looks great! And the tumbling. Seriously, what an amazing little lady! I really think she is so adorable. We need to get our girls together for a playdate.

  3. LOVE ALL HER HAIR! What a cutie! I'm so glad things are going better!

    hey, will you send me your email and I will FINALLY email you the pictures from the polar express?

  4. so glad to hear that things are going better! you all deserve a little break. it's so exciting to see her hair getting longer!!

  5. I just love reading your blog... I love how you are journaling this experience. It's amazing how we change and grow when our kids get sick.
    Your such a cute mommy... and your family is so beautiful.