Thursday, November 18, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

We have had a fun week this past week.

Friday we went and raked those leaves at the Stevens house. It was so much fun! It sounds like a lot of work, and it was, but everyone worked really well together and we got it done in just over an hour. There were only 3 adults, and then there was 11 kids and 2 babies! ALL the kids LOVED Bill and really worked hard to get it done. When we were done we had 22 big garbage bags full of leaves! Even you worked your little tail off.  You helped rake off the trampoline, and helped bag all the piles we made.  I was very impressed and you wore yourself right out. You came home and took a 2 hour nap!

Jill suggested a race to see who could bag their pile of leaves fastest. Ive
never seen kids spring into action and work so fast. It was hilarious!

Lots of helpers!

Everyone rushing to stack the bags of leaves and
count how many we filled. 22 bags equals a
lot of leaves!
Saturday was a fun day too! Megamind was a really cute show and you LOVED it. You've been quoting lines from it ever since! HopeKids actually opened another theatre because there were so many people on the wait list. Its pretty neat.  They have a FREE box of popcorn and a drink for EVERY kid! Then we got to watch the movie. It was over right about lunch time so we thought we'd grab lunch. Turns out the Mayan Adventure restaurant was right next door so we went there. You were totally mesmerized by the water and "mountains" in the restaurant. The divers were pretty fun to watch too. Unfortunately all the excitement distracted you so well you didn't eat. Not that that's a surprising thing.

I swear I can watch you get thinner.  Today I made you cinnamon rolls and you ate 4 bites and said you were full. I asked what you wanted for lunch and you said...crackers. Nice. It makes me nervous because you aren't even on any chemo. I hope when we start Maintenance. Its not worse.

At least you seem to be doing really well. You are literally running circles around us (see pic). I cant believe how much energy you have...its like its impossible for you to hold still. Its fun to watch you return  to your old self.

Literally running circles around us!

Singing AND running!
Sunday was a great day for me.  Our WHOLE family went to church together. Since your counts are better we thought we'd take you just to Sacrament Meeting.  It was so nice. Its going to take some practice for you to get used to sitting still for church again.  You were pretty antsy, but seemed happy to be there. We didn't feel comfortable taking you to Primary because too many people come to church sick.  Lots of coughs and colds and sniffles in the primary room.  Better safe than sorry. It was healing to be there together.  I cant believe how good it felt. Like someday everything in life will be normal again. Its good to enjoy the little things...they bring the simplest form of happiness.
We did a little Christmas shopping the first part of the week, and picked out some fun crafts to do on Thanksgiving.  I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving...we have SO much to be thankful for this year.

Speaking of things to be thankful for...your Make a Wish invitation came this week! Boy do they know how to make something special from the get-go.  It was a round castle box with an invitation and a key inside. The Invite said:

"It is our deepest honor to invite you
and your family to come visit
 a Wishing Place for the
special occasion of making your wish.

Please bring this key with you when
 you come, for it alone will open the
Wishing Room at the top
of the Wishing Tower.

We eagerly await your presence."

How cool is that, right? You were so excited to open the package and see what was inside. We cant wait to go. Were just waiting for a call from your wish granters to set up an appointment.

Make a Wish box! Oooo...wonder whats inside!

A castle? Wonder whats inside that!

A key to open the Wishing Room in the Wishing Tower!
 Awesome.What else?

An invite to the Wishing Place! Now if only you knew
what to wish for!
The only thing I'm not sure about is WHAT your going to wish for. I read somewhere that about 75%  of people pick Disney World as their wish. But, since were going anyway in May, that's not what you're gonna do. So, we talk a lot about what you want to wish for. I really wanted you to wish for something that you will remember. Something like a big fancy playhouse or tree house. Make a Wish sent a parents packet that explains how the whole thing works. They said that the wish should be 100% yours.  Even if it is something small and simple, or big and extravagant. We should let you be completely selfish and pick something that YOU really want.  So, I have adjusted my thinking and tried to get you to think about what you really want. The only thing is it changes by the minute. Last time I asked you said, "a cow and a horse." (we had just sent our cows to auction). Before that it was a tree house, before that a toy dog, before that a barbie house, and before that another American Girl doll with accessories. It seems to change based on what commercials you see on TV, and whats going on day to day. I want it to be your choice, but I also want you to pick something lasting. Not a little toy something that dad or I could get you. Something special and magical...or memorable. But what? Guess we'll all be surprised.

Another exciting event this week has been the appearance of little sprouts of hair. I took a pic a week ago of you head and you had just a touch of peach fuzz. Then I took another today and I don't know if you can see the difference in the picture, but it has thickened a ton! You actually have little hairs all over  your head. We were super surprised because its WHITE! Don't know if that's the way it will always be. Maybe it'll grow in blonde (Carly's got her fingers crossed...she doesn't like being the only blondie), who knows. I just assumed it'd grow in the same color. Everyone has said it usually comes in pretty curly though. I miss your beautiful curls. That was always something everyone noticed first about you. You had so much thick beautiful hair that hung in curls around our face.  You just let it hang in your face too. I would pull it up, and you would pull it out. I had to keep "reebee headbands" (your word for rubber bands) in the kitchen so I could pull it back out of your face! So beautiful it was. So shiny and healthy. I miss it.
Your cute head one week ago...
Your cute head today...all the fuzz is hair!
Not a blurry picture.
Just though I'd throw in a "before" picture. This was
the day we brought you home from the hosp. after
diagnosis. Your hair had already started to thin. 

Scott came and drew some blood yesterday to check your counts. I cant believe how well you do. You just lay on my lap while he draws the blood and chats with you.  You made him a card.  It was cute. He told you last week that this week would probably be his last visit. He doesn't see kids much in Maintenance. So you wanted to make him a Thank You card.  You are such a thoughtful kid. I don't know how you do it...what 4 year old thinks about Thank You cards?? Only really special ones.

I was shocked and stunned when your lab results were faxed over. (I have them fax the results to me too, so I don't have to wait for the clinic to call to find out what they are) Your counts had actually dropped to 700! What? They had to be 750 to get chemo. The nurse said its not uncommon to have to delay Maintenance a week or two because the ARAC drops your counts 1 to 2 weeks AFTER receiving it.  I was still surprised. I really expected them to be good enough.  So, instead, were having another CBC at home next Tuesday, and then if counts are good we'll be doing your chemo and backpoke on Wednesday. (because Thursday is Thanksgiving) Hopefully that'll be good, and you'll feel good for Thanksgiving.  That would definitely be something to be thankful for.

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  1. sounds like a fun week!

    that is so exciting that you all got to go to church together!! seriously, that and going to the grocery store together are the places i miss going all together the most. i know what you mean about it being healing to be there all together. i've also wondered about how elena will do in church and primary, etc when she finally gets to go back on a regular basis - if she'll sit still or if we'll have a big learning curve. :) my guess is there will be some relearning to do.

    sounds like mckall and elena are almost exactly right on - elena just had her last DI treatment yesterday and maintenance is scheduled to start a week from monday. her counts are high enough right now - but it sounds like, from your experience, they could drop. so we'll see. i like reading about your guys' experiences since we're in the same spot. it's nice to hear some things we can expect, etc. can you believe you're starting MAINTENANCE?! so exciting to have made it this far! eric and i just kept repeating that to ourselves last night- "elena's in maintenance, elena's in maintenance" - and trying to get a grip on it. :)

    and hooray for make a wish! i can't wait to hear what mckall chooses - it sounds like she has lots of fun ideas!

    mckall is adorable! i love her yellow and white hat in those last pictures.