Friday, November 12, 2010

Such an amazing girl!

My Wee-Mee is back! What a difference a week without chemo, and some fresh blood and platelets can make!

Each day you wake up more and more like your old "pre-cancer" self. You are running (yes, running), and riding bikes, and playing with friends, and talking like crazy...Ive never heard you talk so much!  Not to mention your wrestling with your daddy again! This is huge!

Before you were diagnosed you and dad used to wrestle and rough house nightly! It was so funny to watch.  You had NO fear.  Daddy would flip you around and throw you in the air and  you would laugh till your belly hurt then say "again, again, again." My favorite trick you would do was when you would sit on daddys shoulder while he was standing up. Then he would hold your wrists and ankles (like you were hog tied by his hands), then he would have you fall forward, off his shoulder, head first between his legs! It always gave me the heebee geebees! I couldnt believe you would trust him enough to free fall face first with no hands...just him holding you.  It was crazy to watch. 

When you started having "issues", and your cancer symptoms started to show up, you seemed to lose confidence in yourself.  It was like you were all of a sudden afraid. Yours and dads nightly wrestling matches got fewer and fewer until they disappeared. You cant know how nice it is to see you playing your old self. The confidence seems to be coming back. I think that your lack of decent blood, and all the weakness, made you light headed and nervous. Something you were far too young to verbalize. I was worried I'd lost that part of you forever. Im so glad to see it coming back...even if just a little.

Scott, your home health nurse, came yesterday and drew some blood.  Even though your not getting chemo this week, they wanted to watch your counts to monitor your progress.  Turns out your counts were up again! Woo Hoo!! They went up from 500 last week to 800 this week! It never ceases to amaze me how well your body bounces back from treatment. I wish I was as resilient as you.  If you feel good today, then you enjoy every minute of it...your not worried about tomorrow.  You live totally in the moment. I wish I could be more like that. Im always worried about how your gonna be tomorrow, and the next day.

One thing is for sure though...were going to live it up these next 7 days before your next treatment! Today were going to visit Grandpa Max in the rehab center (he had to get hip surgery), then were going to rake leaves at Bill and Jeannie Stevens house. Bill passed away last night and we are going to really miss him. He was (IS) a great man.  Were going to do the leaves to help out Jeannie. You have always really liked Bill. You would talk to him, even when you were in your yucky treatments and didnt talk to anyone.  He was always calming, and Im sure it helped that he always had a sucker in his wheelchair for you! He will be missed.

Tomorrow we are going to a Hope Kids activity. The Megamind movie screening which I am excited about. So is everyone else...its going to be a completely full theatre! Maybe we can even do church... at least sacrament meeting as a family would be nice. Looking forward to a fun week with my family.
After Scott drew some blood, you wanted to play doctor.
You usually do. Today you had a live subject...not
just one of your stuffed animals or dolls!


  1. What a lil cutie pie! Im SO glad she is feeling better! Enjoy your break!

  2. Hooray for a break! It sounds like you guys need it after the last little while!

    McKall is adorable! What phase of treatment is she in?