Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clinic and Christmas

We got a surprise at clinic. Due to flu season there are absolutely NO siblings aloud in clinic at all. I asked if that applied to nursing babies, and the answer was yes. So Tucker got baby sat in the playroom on the third floor.  I was a little nervous about leaving him with total strangers, but I had no other choice. Luckily we were in and out in no time, and the cute volunteers said he was perfect. What an amazing facility that hospital is. I mean, where else can you get chemo AND a free babysitter all in one day!

While I ran Tucker down to the playroom you stayed and did a craft with Pat. It was a gingerbread man "ordamen".  Soooo cute. When we got called back for height and weight stuff Pam gave you a really fun surprise...a HUGE stocking full of fun stuff just for you!!  Apparently an engineering company puts them together and donates them to the clinic every year. Once again our family is blessed by the generosity of others!  It had more than enough stuff to keep you occupied while I chatted with the doc.

You're sick of me making you pose for pics!
You were super excited because they had your chemo ready so they accessed you real quick, drew blood, and gave you chemo...all without a window sticker. Your least favorite part is the sticker so you were beyond thrilled. After that they said we could go!

I had been worried that they would up your meds because when you had a fever last weekend your counts were 4800. Usually your counts drop when you are sick... BUT, your counts were down to 1200, which is right where they want them to be. In fact all your counts looked awesome. "Perfect" was the word the nurse used.

I asked her why they were so high over the weekend and she said that when your on the more intense chemo your body is not able to make the antibodies it needs to fight off infection so your counts drop. But since you are on less intense chemo your body is actually making its own antibodies and fighting off the germys on its own! How amazingly resilient your little body is. Only one Maintenance treatment and your body is already bouncing back! I just cant believe how strong you are.

We even ran into some of our fellow cancer friends! Chase, who is in DI and doing awesome. And Erin who has AML and just won her battle with cancer. Yay for Erin! Its so nice to have friends going through the same thing. Its encouraging to see others do so well.

We did have one incident at the hospital. Actually the pharmacy. I had your prescription filled before we came home, and when I got home and pulled your meds out of the bag I found that your 6mp bottle had a sticker on the top that said "we owe you 25." Turns out that they gave you the last of the meds they had (5 pills)! Which would have been fine if they had told me! I was really frustrated because when I called the tech was very rude and unapologetic. It stinks because now we have to head back to the hospital on Monday to get the rest of the meds!! Oh well. It could be least we don't live out of state!

The next night was Christmas Eve. We had so much fun! We went to Grammy Shepherds and had a ham dinner (your latest fave.), and exchanged presents. Alyssa and Ashleigh took the puppy outside for a potty break and came rushing back in claiming they had just seen Santa fly across the sky in his sleigh! You and Katie-bug about lost it. You were squealing and screaming and laughing with delight as you ran through the house telling everyone that Santa was on his way! It was so fun to see you so excited about something! I love Christmas with my sweet kiddos! I love to watch the magic of the season through your eyes, and I love to remember my Savior and his life.

One of our favorite traditions is re-enacting the nativity. This year you were an angel, and you did an awesome job. I was fighting back tears as you came out all dressed in white, and bald. I cant believe how beautiful you are. You seemed to grasp the reverence of what you were doing and had a sweet countenance about you. I'm so grateful for your strong and sweet spirit. You have truly been an inspiration to me this past year.

 I am so blessed to have 4 such amazing kids. Each of you add something different, but very important to our family. You all have different talents and strengths and weaknesses. All of which add so much to our family. I'm just so grateful this Christmas for the gift of family. An eternal gift that I couldn't live without.

Christmas is today, and I am so grateful for my Savior! I am so grateful for the knowledge that he hears and answers prayers. That he knows me, and you, and that he has been our constant companion  this past year. While I would never wish cancer on anyone, I am grateful that your cancer has brought me closer to our Savior. And that I have gained a testimony that he truly does "make weak things strong." I could never have survived this past year without His help.  Merry Christmas Wee Mee. 2010 is nearly over and 2011 marks a new beginning!

Santa is the coolest!
Cutest kids ever!


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good christmas! Mckall is getting so much hair!!!

  2. Lea! I'm so glad that little McKall is doing great on her maitenance chemo. She is such a doll! Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas!!! Love you!

  3. You are a very special family and we are so happy to be apart of it...With McKall doing so well I hope you all can get back to some what of a laid back life style again...Sounds like you have alot of heavenly angles around you...what a blessing... we love all of you.
    Marlene and Vernon