Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make A Wish...

I really don't think there is any way I could put into words how moving, and amazing Monday nights Star Raising Party was. It was overwhelming.

You were feeling so much better, and were so excited. I think you surprised your wish granters (Tom and Leslie) because the first time they met you they could hardly get two words from you!

When we got there the first thing we did was give all the fam a tour of the "Wishing Tower Place," as you call it, and you even showed everyone the inside of the Wishing Tower. You feel so special to have a key to that special room. You had been asking me all day if  I had your wish were so worried we'd forget it. You kept saying, "Only wish kids have a key, mom. And if I forget it,  how will everyone get in?!" Makes sense.

 There is so much to share that I'll explain mostly through pictures...
Welcome to a wishing place McKall!

It says, "When I wished upon a shooting star I wished for..."
It has pictures of a bunch of wish kids and their wishes. You are
pointing to your picture and wish! I cant believe how many
 people we knew on that wall!

Close up of you on the wall of wishes!

After we looked around downstairs we got to take everyone
upstairs to the wishing tower! This is you using your wish key
to let everyone in. Its hard to tell, but there is light glowing
through the slits in the door. The kids were WAY excited!

You have to walk across this little bridge to get into
the wishing tower. Then in the background you can see
the waterfall and glowing lights. The cone shaped
thing is where you put your wish.

You got to show everyone how you put your wish in the
top of that cone, then put it on the base. All the
lights went crazy and the music played. It was pretty
magical for all involved.
Then it was back downstairs where they had all the tables
decorated with your favorite color!

They got some color pages out for all the kids while me and dad
sat down with you to decided which of three playhouses you
wanted them to build in the spring!

Decisions decisions...everyone knew which one "they" would pick.
I don't think you really understood that one of those playhouses is
actually going to be built for you in the spring. I think to you they
were just a bunch of pictures of houses.

This is the one you ended up picking! I was totally stunned
at how big they are. They are 8'x12' and have 2 stories! Its
got a wrap around porch and everything! Amazing!
After that Tom asked you to come up front for a minute...

Your eyes were huge and you were so excited! A
Barbie house (with an elevator) is what you've been
wanting for ages. I couldn't believe they had it all put
together and everything!
You just stood and stared for a second then you
said very softly, "can I touch it?" It was sooo cute.
We LOVE our Wish Granters: Leslie and Tom! What amazing
people to give so freely of their time to bring hope and
 happiness to our WeeMee! I hope you will always remember
these wonderful people and "pay it forward" one day. I will
be forever grateful to the whole Make A Wish foundation!
After the presentation of the Barbie house was some
yummy refreshments. You were so wrapped up with your
Barbie house you didn't have any. Later, on the way home, you
said, "hey, I forgot to eat my princess cake!" Silly kid.
McKall's Star. A local artist in Salt Lake makes these and
donates them to Make A Wish. Amazingly talented
people everywhere! Thank You!
After refreshments you got to hook your star on the string...
...and hoist it up... hang with all the other wish kids stars.. It was
so amazing. I am so grateful to so many for all they
have done for you and for our family.
Here it is...kind of in the back center.
I forgot to mention the scrap book! The scrapbook is a place
where all the family who came can write special messages
to you. They keep it in the Wishing Place so you can always come
back and look at it. They also write where you star is located on
the same page so you can find it on the ceiling when you come
back to visit. Your page was filled with encouraging messages
from much so that I'm not sure they are going to
have room for the picture! Oh well.
Obviously the night was a huge success. So much so that we didn't want it to end so we all went out to Chuck E Cheeses afterward for dinner and visiting! It was so much fun! It was such an amazing night.

Being around such amazing people, and so often lately, being on the receiving end of so much service really makes me want to give back. I cant tell you how many times we've heard the doorbell ring and answered the door only to find an anonymous donation to help with medical expenses, or a friendly card and treats to cheer us up. If I had one wish for you, it would be that you ALWAYS remember the amazing people who have given so much to our family, and find a way to always give back to others. You are such an amazing inspiration to everyone around you already...I know you will.

PS- Your hair is growing like crazy!!!
Its long enough now that it'll actually get messed up by a head band
or hat. If we want to change your hat or band we have to wet
your hair down to get it to lay back down! I cant believe it.


  1. What an amazing experience! It's a wonder such a trial can bring so many blessings into your life. We love you guys! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Totally crying now. :) Happy tears. :) Make A Wish is just SO great! It sounds like an extraordinary, magical night!!! Just perfect! Thanks for sharing. It is so refreshing and strengthening to read about all the good in this world. And McKall is adorable - "can i touch it?". :) What a sweetie. She totally deserves it!

    I had a dream last night about our Make A Wish trip and when I woke up, I remembered feeling SO happy. :) Can't wait!

    I am anxious to see pictures of how her play house turns out!! It looks like its going to be incredible!

  3. The playhouse looks amazing! That will be so much fun! What a fabulous wish!!!!

    It was great to meet you today. McKall is beautiful. Good luck with the treatments and thank you for sharing your make a wish experience.