Sunday, December 19, 2010

An unfortunate turn of events...

So, about an hour after I finished your last post, we got a call from grammy...

You had been having a long awaited spend-over...just you and your cousing Katie. You guys dressed up in princess dresses and had a tea party with grammy. Grammy said you were having so much fun together (and Im sure LOVING having 100% of grammys attention helped)! Then you started to say you were tired and wanted pj's and a movie. All was well.

Then you woke up about midnight and called for grammy. She came in to check on you and found that you felt very warm, and had a barky croupy cough. Awesome.

Thats when we got the call...daddy ran over there with the thermometer and your temp was 102! So off to the "hostible" you went. (after a quick stop at home for some EMLA). You left our house just before 1am and didnt make it home till just after 6am! Dad said you didnt hardly sleep at all!!

Poor dad had to wake up after only an hour of sleep and go do a couple of work things...

Poor you...I felt so bad. You were heart broken because you had been looking forward to the day you could have a sleep over with grammy. You've missed so many since you were diagnosed!

When dad brought you home for the EMLA , and you saw me for the first time, you broke down in heart broken said, "I wish I didnt have cancer mom...thats what I wish. I wish I didnt have cancer!" It about ripped my heart out of my chest. I feel so terrible you have to endure so much! It just doesnt seem fair. (heavy sigh)

On the bright side...your counts were a whopping 4800!! The highest they've been since your diagnosis (not counting steroids). Because of that, you didnt have to have a spend over at the hospital, and were able to come home.

Today you woke up feeling much better. They gave you a steroid to help with the croupy cough, and now it seems like you just have a normal cold. The whole family has it, so we decided to skip church and rest up.

I really hope were ALL feeling better by tomorrow...dont wanna feel crappy for the STAR RAISING PARTY!! So excited.

PS-Im amazed at your ability to feel so concerned about how everyone else feels about you being sick. You always try to cheer me or dad or grammy (or whoever) up about it. You've told me several times, while leaving to the hospital, "its ok mom, I love you." I dont know how you do it...I really try hard to hide any feelings of concern. I dont want to add to your worries. You must be able to sense it, or see a look of concern on my face. Your amazing.

PPS-Im a little worried they are going to decide to up your chemo dose because your counts were so high. I was told they like to try to keep your counts around 1000 all through Maintenance.  Guess we'll see. I really hope they dont...

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  1. Oh, man - I'm sorry guys! What a sweet girl - I just about died at, "I wish I didn't have cancer - that's what I wish." Poor thing! I wish these sweet kids didn't have to go through everything they do. Oh, I just want to come over and hug McKall - that seriously broke my heart. :)

    Hope she's feeling better soon!