Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazing people...Amazing things

What an amazing weekend we had.  Saturday was a big day. 

Jaylene...a saint!
There is a wonderful woman in our ward named Jaylene Page.  She was baptized and went through the temple not too long ago.  She teaches in Relief Society and I always look forward to her lessons.  She is very humble and excited to learn all she can about the gospel. Well, this sweet lady came to us in August and asked if she could put together a fundraiser for our family to help off set medical costs. I have to say that its not always easy saying yes. My pride (I guess its my pride) wants to say no thanks. I feel uncomfortable in situations where I have to accept service.  Its humbling to be on the receiving end, but I guess thats a good thing.  I've learned a lot from the generosity of those around us. 

Anyway, when Jaylene came over, she said she had a bunch of ideas.  She wanted to do donation jars in businesses around town, and then have a boutique with a raffle and  vendors to earn money. She told us she would take care of everything and all we had to do was nothing...except come to the boutique if we could. Well, she had had the donation jars out during Sept. and Oct., and she sold canning funnels as a fundraiser, and she had tons of local businesses donate gift cards, and merchandise for the raffle.  She also had a lot of local people donate things for the raffle as well.  She charged $3 for one raffle ticket or $5 for 3. Then she had a lot of people sign up to come sell stuff (vendors for Scentsy candles, Pampered Chef, jewelry, craft and other homemade items).  She charged those people $30 dollars to participate and collected that money for us.  The response was HUGE to say the least.  When we went over there on Saturday morning I couldnt hardly restrain the tears.  There were so many vendors she had to move furniture out of her house!  The vendors filled her upstairs and down, and they even had a bunch outside.  The weather was beautiful and couldnt have been more perfect!  She had so many things donated for the raffle that they did give aways every half hour, and for a while every 15 minutes! It was so amazing, and so humbling, and so overwhelming that so many people would give of their time, and their talents, and their money (especially in these tougher economic times) to help our family.  I dont know how Im ever going to repay the kindness shown to us.  It will take a lifetime of service and I look forward to the task. The total money raised (so far, theres still more trickling in) was $2300! What an amazing response. What amazing people. If I could think of a word stronger than amazing that would be how I feel.  Tonight for family home evening we took her some dinner.  A small way to give back, but she seemed to appreciate it. Thank you Jaylene!
Carly out front...there are still more people setting up!
There are so many vendors out here I couldnt
get them all in one picture.
This is the other side of the yard...
Indeed there was...
You can see books on the right, jewelry in the
back, and the raffle stuff in the back left.

Hairbows and crafts on the left, avon to the right.
And then refreshments and a silent auction
around the corner.

The raffle prize table.
You really shouldnt have come with your counts so low,
but I wanted you to see all that people were doing for
you.  You were happy with a cup full of potato chips!
Alyssa getting some refreshment.
Even more downstairs..Alyssa was eyeing some bracelets.
They had the cutest aprons and bibs for sale!
You can see by your wrist that people were spoiling you!
The hat I bought for winter, but you love it so much you
havent hardly taken it off since.  You call it your piggy
tail hat cause its got two braids on the sides.( the
things your waving)

After we left the boutique we came home and rested for about an hour or so until Danielle and Ryan (daddys cousin and her hubby) showed up.  They were bringing 2 of their HUGE draft horses and a wagon over to give us a ride.  Also invited were Aunt Jamie and her kiddos, Lacey and her kiddos, Grammy and Grampy Shepherd, Great Grammy and Grampy Sanders, and Aunt Shelley. I sometimes forget how much you love animals!  It was so fun and you took right to Ryan and Danielle. They even let you sit up front and "drive the horses!" You were so excited, and thought you were pretty hot stuff.  It was so nice of them to go to all the trouble to bring the horses and wagon over so you could have a ride.  We were gone for about an hour long ride and had a good ol' time.  You didnt want Ryan and Danielle to go!  You've asked every day since when we can do that again. Hopefully soon! How did we get so blessed?! Seriously...We are surrounded by such good, kind, and giving people.  I dont know how we got so lucky!
You look so cute in your piggy tail hat!
You said you were bein a rockstar while you waited for
Danielle and Ryan to get the horses ready.
You got to pet the HUGE horses.
Too many people to fit in one picture!
Almost time to go...
"Im kinda nervous aunt shelley. Will you hold my hand?" You were
so funny, you kept playing with Shelleys hair, running your fingers through the back.
You riding up front...
You had so much can tell by those sleepy eyes!

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