Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playdates and Tinkerbell

We did some fun stuff this week. Since your counts were good we actually went out a little bit. 

On Monday we went to Kohl's and bought me a much needed pair of were being super cute and sweet, and charmed the pants off the ladies at checkout. The lady behind me even gave us her "30% off your entire purchase" coupon! Thanks "lady behind us"!

Then Tuesday we had a play date with some fellow Cancer Friends! I met a mom at clinic that invited me to join a group of moms of cancer kids that meet regularly to chat and play.  They have a group on facebook called Utah Moms of Cancer Cuties.  It was fun for me to meet with other ladies who have the same worries and experiences as me, and I think you had a good time playing with some fellow baldies. When I told you where we were going, and who would be there you said, "Bald kids with cancer like me?? Do they have the kemia too?" When I said yes, you were pretty excited. Until we got were feeling kind of shy and stayed close to me, but  you didn't wanna leave when it was time.

You were being silly with all the fun toys at our play date.

You, and your fellow cancer friends!

Wednesday we had a ward dinner and trunk or treat. We didn't dare take you indoors with all those people so I took Alyssa and Carly to the dinner, and then you, dad and Tucker met us there for the trunk or treat. I felt bad telling you you couldn't go, but you seem to understand.  I don't know why you had to grow up so fast, but I know you have...your amazing.  When you came you were pretty cold, and very shy!  Everyone at church makes a fuss over you when they see you and it makes you uncomfortable.  You would rather blend in and be "one of the shepherd girls" like you used to be. I couldn't get you to say trick or treat, or even say thanks.  You just buried your face in my legs and hid. Everyone was overly generous with their treats, though, and you came home with a Dora backpack full. 
You were ready to go, but had to wait until the trunk or treat
 to come.  You are such a good little girl!

Everyone in the neighborhood except you in this picture.

You can tell by your little face that you are feeling
a little overwhelmed and shy.

Today was a special day at clinic...Tinkerbell was there! She was the cutest bald Tinkerbell I've ever seen! Ok so it was you in your costume, but you had everyone at clinic fooled!

What a cutie patootie!
 Clinic was fairly uneventful...which was nice. You had your counts checked and your ANC is only 700. (heavy sigh) Looks like we'll be on lock down again.  We'll be giving you chemo at home the next 3 days and so it'll probably dip down even lower. They say its not uncommon to need another transfusion during the next couple of weeks...guess we'll see.

They always have fun little crafts in the waiting room.
Today it was x-rays cut out in different Halloween shapes
that you can decorate with glitter glue.

Daddy reading books while we wait for the doc.

Dr Fluchel checking your tickles!

Chemo time...Cancer stinks!

Soooo sleepy...but you'll never admit it!

Asleep before we got out of the parking lot!
The good news is you don't have to go back for treatment for 3 weeks! Unless of course you need a transfusion...they'll be checking your counts each week to see where you are.

We asked doctor Fluchel what he thought about doing sedation with you during your back pokes and he seemed a little hesitant. (We can sedate you and do it in clinic and its faster, but your not all the way asleep like you are in RTU) He suggested we do it in the RTU next time, then we won't need another for 3 months and can try sedation then. He seemed more comfortable with that so thats what we'll do.  Everyone I've talked to has said how fabulous sedation is over being put all the way out, so I was surprised when Dr Fluchel was hesitant. Now I dont know what to think...

I hate that every time we go we get a different set of answers and a different set of suggestions depending on the doc we see. Some are really laid back (like your doc Fluchel), and others are more strict. Its frustrating sometimes cause I never know if I'm a worry wart or not as concerned as I should be. I don't want to be a crazy person, but  I also don't want to keep you in a box all winter either! I am growing tired of the emotional roller coaster. Your doing so well and I want to focus on  the positive...I just hate that I never know whats going to happen. Alyssa came home from school yesterday and said that there was only 14 kids in her class, because the other 10 were home sick...mostly with the stomach flu. Awesome. I make you and your sisters sanitize all the time and I even send sanitizer with your sisters in their lunches so they can sanitize before they eat, and we've been healthy so far. I just dont want you  to have to stay in the hospital again, and if you get a fever with low counts you'll be admitted for 2 or 3 days no matter what. Just need to keep praying for health through this winter...were doing all we can here and what will be will be.


  1. What a cute Tink! I LOVE the costume and matching hat.. adorable! You should talk to some of the moms about the sedation, I know Jodi, Kristin and Jenni have all tried it. They can give you good advice on doing it or not. Take care you guys! This flu season is SO hard!

  2. McKall is an adorable Tink! Really, so cute!