Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tastey treats...

On a lighter, and funnier, note... you have been having some funny cravings.

Sooo sweet!
The other day you asked me if you and Ry could have some oreos. I said sure. Then you asked for some ranch to dip it in!?  I laughed and you covered your face and said, "Its gooood." I said, "how do you know?" You said, "well, it sounds good..."  Sounds logical to me.

I got you all set up and took this video....

Ry wanted to try. She said it was good but she didnt want any more ranch.  She'd just have more oreos.

I couldnt help but laugh...your so cute.  Its like you are embarassed to ask for food because you know your asking all the time, but you just cant help yourself cause your "sooo hungry."  We were watching a family show and you asked me for another snack.  I told you you just had dinner and you said, "but mom, I still have stewoids (steroids) in my body that makes me hungry..."

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  1. Mckall you make me laugh. You are so darn cute with your round face, chubby cheeks and bald head. I love your crazy cravings. I am so happy that you find joy in your food. You are the toughest chick I know... I love you xoxoxoxo