Thursday, September 9, 2010

Duh! The Blood Drive...

I cant believe I forgot to mention the Blood Drive!

Not long after you were diagnosed dad and I were talking to a good friend (Jill Bott) about how we never realized how important it was to donate blood.  Dad had just given blood at a Stake blood drive and said he really hadnt understood where it was going at the time, but that he would always be first in line to donate from then that he knew how much of a difference it really makes.  It really does save lives!

So, Jill took that comment and ran with it. (for which we will be forever grateful) She came over and asked if she could do a blood drive in your honor!! She knew me and dad were pretty busy with your treatment at the time so she said she would do all the work.  She had a lot of fun ideas, and plans for how to advertise it and get the word out.  It turned out there was another Stake blood drive scheduled for August 5th, so she called the people in charge and asked if we could do yours then.  Everyone agreed and it was a HUGE success.  Jill had the blood drive put in the city newsletter and on the city marque.  She also had it put in the newspaper and sent out e mail invites.  I put it on Facebook, and sent out e mail invites.  We were overwhelmed with the outporing of love and support from the community and friends and family!

The blood drive was scheduled to run from 4pm-9pm, but they still had people coming until nearly 10 when they started turning people away!  We even heard they had to call in reinforcements from as far away as Provo to help the workers with the number of people that kept coming.  The blood drive workers said they had only 40 units of blood donated at the last blood drive in our stake, but that at your blood drive they got a whopping 120 units of blood! They said it was the biggest blood drive they have done so far this year!

We will be forever grateful and humbled by the amount of people who were so willing to give their time (some waited hours to donate), and their money (a donation jar was set out and people were very generous) to help a little girl in need.  It was such a fun way to "pay it forward". I hope that when you're old enough you'll donate blood too.

Jill did a Powerpoint presentation about donating blood, and about your story, to show at the blood drive. Ive posted that and some pictures she took.

Daddy donating...Alyssa watching

Mommy donating...Alyssa and Carly watching

Lacy, Hallie, Danielle, Mandy and Grammy
Donation table with your picture


  1. I think this is such a GREAT idea...You are always in our prayers. I"ve wanted to call and check up on you McKall and your family but I don't want to bother your mom all the time...We love your family so much and you are so blessed to be apart of it....Keep up the fight. You are so strong and such a wonderful example to all of us...You are just like your Great Grandma Brown...Always a fighter and wanting everyone to know that "You are Fine"...
    We will always have you and your family in our prayers. Keep up the fight....Aunt Marlene and Uncle Vernon

  2. I have really loved this blog...being so far away and not feeling like I can "do" for you guys. I love you and this helps feel like I can be a part of your lives. I share all of this with the girls at work and they have come to know McKall and her strong spirit as well. Love and Kisses to you McKall and to all that are in your corner.
    Love Grammy masoto (DeSoto)