Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I decided against the fair. I tried thinking about what would be fun for you to do before chemo starts again. I had all kinds of ideas, but I finally decided that your most favorite thing in the world to do is play with your friends. So, you played ALL DAY LONG!

Your home health nurse Scott came over this morning to draw some blood so we could have your counts checked to make sure they were good enough to get chemo tomorrow.  Your friend Ry came over and watched.  You wanted to lay in my lap while you got "plugged in", so Ry sat behind you on the back of the couch.  You were so cute.  You laid there patiently and explained to your friend what was happening, and what Scott was doing step by step. Scott said you were the bravest little girl hes ever met. You said, "Yep, I'm One Tough Chick!"  After it was done and you were "unplugged" we got a Princess and the Frog bandaid out and put it over your port.  Ry thought it was pretty cool and wanted a bandaid to put over her pretend port.  Too cute. You and Ryan were off and playing dress up in your room before Scott even left.  Funny how resilient you are, and how quickly you've accepted your new way of life.

Good friends!
You played for several hours with Ryan. You played dress ups, people's (Little People), princesses.  You played that I was Ryans grandma, and that Ryans grampa Doug was at work, and that I was taking care of you because your mom and dad were dead! I started to fake cry because you had killed me off, you said, "Its ok mom, your only dead for pretend!" Pheww...thats a relief!  You played spy, at least I think thats what you were spying on me for, and you had lunch (mac and cheese) on the deck.  It was fun to watch you play and pretend.  You and Ry get so engrossed in your pretend play that I can walk in the room and watch for several minutes before you even notice Im there.  Then when you do notice, its like you've all of a sudden snapped back from a whole other world.  Amazing...

Some of our neighborhood friends

This is not your bike...I dont know why,
but no one ever rides their OWN bike!

You on Ry's bike, Ry on your bike. Kinda blurry...
This evening we went out to ride bikes in the front yard. Its kindof a neighborhood thing to do this time of year.  There were about 11 little kiddos out playing.  Its fun to watch.  When the mosquitos came out, we went in and I decided a day like today is best ended with ice cream. So off we went to Paces.  I was surprised you ordered ice cream, cause you usually go for fries, but you did.  Judging by how much was on your face I'd say it was pretty good. 

We got the call that your counts were great and you were ok'd for chemo. Good news, but it brought the pit right back to my stomach. I hope it goes ok. You have to get a bunch tomorrow.  You'll get Vincristine, and Doxorubicin through your port, you'll start taking an oral steroid and you'll get a Back Poke.  Thats what they call it, its actually a shot of chemo in our spine.  You've had a bunch of call it sleepy medicine because they put you out for that one...thank heaven.  Its a lot for a little body to take, but you can handle it.  You've had all those drugs before, except the Doxorubicin.  That one could make you lose your hair...we'll see.

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  1. Sept 16, 5:05 in the morning.. I just wanted to say good luck today and McKall you are and will be in my prayers all day today....We love you...Your Grandpa Soto (De Soto) is here with us and he will keep us up to date on you and how you are feeling...I feel so bad that you have to go though this...But you are one tough chick!!!! Aunt Marlene