Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good times...

You LOVE riding deuce! You think
your such hot stuff!
We've really been busy having a lot of fun these last few days.  As the last 2 weeks of "time off" have gone by you have gotten progressively stronger.  Which has been a pleasant surprise because you were already doing so well. I have noticed that you dont have to push on your knee to help you get up the stairs nearly as much as usual and you havent needed a nap nearly as much either.  You have also started sleeping better at night (hallelujah)! You hit the ground running in the morning and dont stop till I make you climb in bed.  You go to bed every night saying, "but Im not tired, mommy". Then you fall asleep (literally) as soon as your head hits the pillow. Its been so fun to watch you make the most of this time. I know you've overheard (and listened) to me talking to friends and family ask about your next round of treatment, and I think you know what lies ahead in the coming weeks. I usually tell you whats going to happen at clinic the night before.  You seem more calm and brave when you know what to expect. I've noticed if I tell you too soon you just worry and stew about it.

Notice the snow boots..very stylin
  We had all of our family (from dads side) over for dinner and cake and ice cream on Sunday. We celebrated Grampa Scotts, Parker, Carson, and Conrads b-days.  It was a good time for you to be able to play with your cousins. Aunt Ali made a pinata and you were the first to hit at it. You were even fast enough to get candy yourself (with your weak legs you usually need help).  It was a crazy evening because we had about 20 people at our house, but it was a lot of fun.  When everything was winding down, and I was cleaning up, I called you in the kitchen to get the cake and ice cream washed off your hands and face (and forehead), and I noticed you had a couple of good sized slivers in your hand.  I told you  to come with me to the bathroom so we could get them out.  You were really nervous and you were saying, "Im ok mom, Im ok mom, Im going to be ok, mom." You were saying that and, "Its not hurting me, I can do it, I can be brave.."  I had a major flash back!  I was right back to the hospital and that first phase of treatment.  It was rough.  Its so amazing to watch you be so brave and cope so well, but at the same time, it really stinks that you HAVE to be so brave.  It was a quick reminder of where we've been and gave me instant anxiety of what we have yet to go through.

The birthday boys: Grampy Scott,
Great Grampy, Parker, Conrad, and Carson

Cousins, Sissys, and cake!
The Pinata and You!

Carly rocked the pinata!

And the mad dash for candy begins!! You wasted
no time getting in there. I think you knew you had to hurry
up with this group if you wanted some candy!
Tucker had a dr. appt yesterday, and I noticed the nurse had an orange bracelet on (orange is the leukemia awareness color) so I asked her what it was for. She said her grandson has leukemia and it turned out he has ALL too!  We got to talking and she said her grandson is in the Maintenance phase now.  I told her we were starting Delayed Intensification on Thursday, and she groaned and said. "oh no..., if you can make it through that phase it'll be smooth sailing." Needless to say that pretty much dashed all my hope of you sailing through that yucky phase like you have the last 2.  I am still cautiously optimistic, but EVERYONE says its really bad. We'll make it through it though.  Dad'll be ready to give blessings and that'll help.

Aint she a beauty!
Yesterday evening we went boating on the new (1972) boat we've recently acquired.  It was so fun.  Daddy was first in the water to try skiing (on one ski). You were in charge of the flag and so I was explaining you had to hold the flag up whenever dad fell.  You were all excited until dad actually fell.  I felt so bad, you had big ol' aligator tears, you were worried your dad was hurt!  I forgot to tell you that was part of the game, you fall and get back up.  It was sweet to see the instant relief on your face when I told you he was ok, and he was actually having a lot of fun.  Grampy DeSoto happened to come in town and call just a couple of hours before we left to go, so we invited him and he came boating with us. You were so excited to see him you ran up and jumped into his arms and gave him a big hug!  I think it made his whole day. You even decided to go on the tube with daddy!  You were nervous but new you were safe if daddy was with you!  You were waving, and laughing and bouncing around behind the boat...it was so cute. Im SO MAD I forgot my camera!! When you got back on the boat after tubing you said, "Mom, did you see me? I was so brave, I was One Tough Chick about tubing too!" You said it like you were surprised at yourself, like you couldnt believe you had just done that. Ive learned for myself over the last 3 1/2 months that you can do ANYTHING!

Im so torn about what to do with you these next two days before your chemo on Thursday.  On the one hand I think you need to get as much rest as possible, and on the other hand I think you need to do whatever you want, and go a mile a minute, until you are forced to slow down. I'm leaning toward the latter right now.  Hope Kids is having an activity at the State Fair tomorrow morning.  We can get in and even ride some rides for free!  Im thinking we'll go...it'll be a fun way to celebrate your last day of freedom for awhile.


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog with me Lea! Its is great to hear that Mckall has had so many good days lately. We will be thinking and praying for her this Thursday and throughout this phase of treatment. I know she can do it, and you too. You are one tough Mama! =)

  2. Definetly go celebrate!!! the fair sounds so fun! good luck thursday...wish we could be closer to give all of you a big hug!
    Lots of love,
    The Elmer's

  3. Im so Excited to see you Mack!!! I keep counting the days down until I come to Utah and it just makes the time go slower. You are an awesome little girl. Love you tons!!